About Us

Lotris Medical about usLotris Medical Concepts was founded in 2011 by Ellie Bogardus and Michael Mensing. When they came together, both Ellie and Michael had been working and teaching in the medical field and had years of experience as medical coders. They saw a need in the industry for an innovative and customer-based approach to coding and decided to fill that void with Lotris Medical Concepts, a fresh, new, and hands-on professional coding service for a modern world.



Ellie Bogardus
President & Founder

Ellie co-founded Lotris Medical Concepts in 2011 after recognizing the need for a more hands on approach in the coding field. She has worked for 15 years as a lead coder for physicians across the country and is a certified coding instructor through the AAPC teaching at various colleges, medical facilities and insurance companies. Her hands on, caring, and passionate approach has increased revenue with clients and motivated hundreds of students. Building effective communication between the clinical and clerical aspects of her clients and attention to detail are values that she demands of herself and staff. Ellie has a BA degree in Biology/Geology and Education from SUNY Potsdam.


Michael Mensing
President & Founder

Mike co-founded Lotris Medical Concepts in 2011 after spending over 20 years in the surgical sales / consulting arena. After spending many years introducing innovative technology to the medical field Mike felt he could bring the same innovation to the coding world. Mike has been in AAPC certified coder since 2008 as well as a coding educator with Bryant and Stratton College. Bridging the communication gap between clinician and coder is the core initiative that LMC accomplishes. Mike also believes strongly in providing continuing education to the physician community to allow for greater capture of revenue that is deserved.

Mike is been a lifelong upstate New York resident. He is the father of two boys Shayne and Dillon and is an avid hockey fan.


Lotris medical About usAs a healthcare provider in the medical industry, you have a great deal of choice when it comes to medical coding companies  If you’re looking for a company that offers more than just third-party coding services, LMC can offer a personal touch that the competition simply doesn’t take the time to provide. Whereas most other medical coding services focus on the numbers, LMC places the emphasis on you, the customer.

That’s why our medical coding services also come with education consultant services when needed, auditing and consulting services, open and frequent communication, continuous feedback, and personalized service to suit the individual needs of each client


LOTRISWith over 25 years of experience in the industry, the people behind Lotris Medical Concepts have the skills and knowledge to work with anyone in the medical field. The clients we work with include the physician hospitalist at the smallest regional medical clinic, the nurses and doctors at an urgent care facility, and even the hospital administration at a major hospital or emergency clinic. Regardless of how big or small you are, LMC is dedicated to helping you recover money being lost through inefficiencies and lack of proper training.


LMC focuses on three complementary areas of specialty within the coding arena, and they are: Medical coding: Our AAPC-certified staff has the most updated training, is up-to-date with coding trends, and is knowledgeable about recent regulation and compliance issues. The result of this? Reliable, quick, and error-free coding. Each medical records coding technician on staff is and expert with:

  • ICD 9 to ICD 10

  • Electronic health records

  • ICD 10 codes and CPT codes

  • ICD 10 training

Auditing: You likely perform your own internal audit every year, but that doesn’t mean your facility can’t benefit from an external audit by LMC. Our audits are designed to locate areas of concern, assess issues and pinpoint solutions, and ensure that your coding practices are in compliance with both federal and state regulations.

Education and training: Medical coding isn’t an esoteric practice that involves decrypting physician notes and medical jargon: it’s a form of communication that connects doctors with insurance companies. At LMC, our belief is that the more your physicians and nurses understand about the process, the easier it will be. We provide education and courses that promote the kind of documentation that facilitates proper coding making the entire process more efficient.

When you combine LMC’s innovative, personal, and knowledgeable approach to medical coding with the variety of comprehensive services we offer, the effect is revolutionary for your facility. You will see a faster turnaround time, improved efficiency and higher accuracy.  At LMC,  our goal for you is higher productivity and  increased revenues.

Coding Services: Lotris Medical Concepts has been providing professional, accurate, and customer-centric medical  coding services for over five years. With over 25 years of experience behind us, the meticulous staff at LMC also have the resources, knowledge, and expertise to provide a variety of other services and perks to your practice and staff.

LMC provides education consultant services, personalized training solutions, and audits, all of which will improve performance, increase productivity and efficiency, and increase revenues for physicians and the facility.