Auditing & Compliance

Auditing & ComplianceAs a doctor, hospitalist, or hospital administration staff member, you’re likely familiar with the auditing process, because you’re probably responsible for performing at least one internal audit per year.  An audit performed by a third-party company can uncover inefficiencies, coding discrepancies, and billing issues that all lead to lost revenue and hindered productivity. Lotris Medical Concepts is an experienced and trustworthy full-service medical coding company, and our auditing services could be exactly what you need to take your performance to the next level.


When it comes to medical records, the main purpose of an audit is to locate areas of inefficiency or error to determine which corrections and improvements can be made. This includes going over past medical records and documentation to see where diagnostic and procedural descriptions could be optimized to facilitate proper coding. Moreover, a proper audit will also ensure that you’re in compliance with all state and federal regulations, and that you’re using current coding best practices. While you perform your own audits, an external audit from an experienced and knowledgeable medical coding company like Lotris Medical Concepts provides fresh eyes that might be able to locate problem areas that have been overlooked. An LMC audit can help identify areas where more education is required, so that we can tailor a training course to the needs of your practice, urgent care facility, or emergency clinic.


Along with finding areas that require improvement, an audit from LMC also involves assessing denied claims, evaluating medical diagnosis codes, adjusting the ICD 10 codes and CPT codes as necessary, and filing appeals on rejected claims.  The more accurate the medical codes are, the more likely your claims will be processed and paid quickly. The entire audit process means your claims are less likely to be denied in the first place, decreasing the lag between services rendered and getting paid.


LMC was created after two experienced coders came together to fill a need they saw in the industry for a hands-on approach to medical coding that prioritized communication, education, and the individual needs of the customer over anything else. LMC, therefore, provides a comprehensive service that includes medical coding, auditing, and education consultant services and training.

We work with you to decrease the turnaround time on your medical document coding, address areas that require improvement, and provide training to nurses, doctors, and administrators to achieve advanced medical record writing, coding, and insurance billing skills.

As a full-service medical coding company using only AAPC and AHIMA-certified coders, LMC can help your facility or practice every step of the way when it comes to documentation, coding,  and compliance. The audits you perform are an integral part of the process, but  an external audit done with a new set of eyes can help uncover problems and issues that might otherwise be missed, and these discoveries can lead to more progress, increased education, and higher revenue for you and your facility.